Clinical Pediatrics

Clinical Pediatrics will explore regarding the patterns of pediatric drug of mother services to ,neonates, infantsnewbornchildrenteenagersyoungsters,  by applying various investigations to the child  maladiesdiagnosing, treatment, and drug administration during the developmental stage. The clinical studies to the child will be are conducted in clinical, logical, conduct, instructive, or moral type of nature. The observation of child will plays a major role after the administration of drug from mother rather than the theoretical or laboratory studies. 

In 18th century, in children the Edward Jenner’s smallpox vaccination experiment is probably considered to be a first documented procedure population, later during the period of 19th century when the pediatric medicine known as a recognized specialty, most of the innocent children from the pediatric hospitals and orphanages has noticed as a major source for conducting the clinical trials on children.  So to stop this kind of clinical trials on innocent children the real opposition came forward to put an end in 19th century.  But these days we cannot find any experimentation clinical trials in healthy kids.