The study of pediatrics is diminishing the mortality rates of the new-born’s and the youngsters and furthermore to control the spreading of diseases which are pediatric infectious diseases and which will be advancing the healthy life form infections-free life to draw out the issues of teenagers and kids. This can be seen that the improvement of pediatrics is ended by knowing the different pediatric hereditary issue essential subjects which for the most part required for pediatrics. The vital treatment which bargains in pediatrics is supporting the expansion of pediatric wellbeing in youngsters and babies.

Specialty carePediatric Emergency Care involves close and constant attention with special care by a team of specially trained pediatricians. Pediatric Emergency Care usually takes place in Intensive Care Unit. Some conditions which may cause during critical condition are severe asthma, severe infection such as pneumonia and serious injuries from accidents. Critically ill children need careful monitoring with special medicine or treatment which can be offered only in PICU- Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit. Having advance directives in place is important to save a life during critical conditions.

•           Ambulatory pediatrics

•           Life-threatening pediatric infections

•           Blunt abdominal trauma in children

•           Non-traumatic surgical abdominal emergencies

•           Pediatric seizures I. status epilepticus, II. febrile seizures.

•           Diagnosis and misdiagnosis of appendicitis in childhood

•           The septic appearing infant

•           Orthopaedic conditions above the hip

•           Pediatric poisonings

•           Pediatric emergency radiology

•           Approach to febrile infants and toddler

•           Medical errors in pediatrics.

•           Trauma & Emergency Medicine