Track 01. Pediatrics 

The branch of medicine which deals with the health care conditions of infants, children, new born and neonates is called as pediatrics.  The pediatrician is considered as medical pediatric practitioner for treating the children, new born babies who are suffering with health care issues and other related problems of their specific areas.

In children, the age limit of 21 is considered to be under pediatric care units. We can found many related problems in kids like asthma, infection, rash, allergy, pediatric cough, skin diseases, and drug reactions, mostly probably fractures are seen in pediatric patients.

As per the recent research the accidents remained as a major proportion of problem to the children of all ages, most of the children are working in the hazards areas like chemical industries, building construction sites and heavy lifting of automation materials etc. the major pediatric accidents includes Moving-vehicles or Minor bike riding accidents, swim accidents, burns, poisonings, and fall from   tress and buildings, for all the pediatric health issues the pediatric medication is ready to treat the children as per their need.